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Who We Are?


Shri V. N. Chaturvedi Ji

(Honorable Guru Ji, Advisor and Specialist Astrologer – Numerology, Palmistry & Palliative Mantras)

Shri V. N.Chaturvedi Ji has more than 45 years of extensive experience in the field of astrology. He has mastery in Palmistry, Numerology and Palliative Mantras. He loves to play with numbers for astrological predictions. Using his sharp astrological skill he has made very accurate and to the point predictions. He has also served for a long period as R.E.S. (Principal, Govt. School) in Government of Rajasthan, India. We would like to give him special thanks for guiding us in improving the quality of our astrological solution. This helps us to ensure quality of up to the minute level accuracy. We wish him good long healthy life.


Astrologer Yashwant Kumawat

(Chief Consultant - Astrology & Vastu Shastra)

Shri Yashwant Kumawat Ji has more than 25 years of broad experience in the area of Astrology & Vastu Shastra consultancy. He is a dynamic and multifaceted personality with sharp grip over psychology. He has predicted and counseled astrological advice for thousands of his satisfied clients who have high level of confidence in him. He keeps himself engaged in many research works in this vast and less explored area to provide accurate solutions to his clients. He always believe in inexpensive remedial methods like color therapy (colorful thread wearing) which serves to the potential of wearing stones. His deep understanding, his professionalism, authentic and benevolent skills, expertise and keen knowledge in this divine field of science have earned him large number of clientele across the globe.


Astrologer Rohitash Bansal

(Chief Advisor, Astrologer & Technocrat)

Bansal has over 21 years of experience in Astrology, IT industry as Software & Management Professional. His groomed technical and managerial skills are an outcome of his vast experience in working with top notch companies. He has played top management roles and has handled multi-million dollar revenue projects for globally spread clients. His interest in astrology starting building in his late teen age. He has put his continuous learnings and experience through IT enables services to ensure best automated astrology solution available on a click. His dream is to make this portal/website as an umbrella of astrological automated solution covering accurate calculations,making precise online predictions,24X7 availability, bring in cost effectiveness to facilitate most of required users on the click.


Rishi Mathur

(Director, Chief Consultant – Advisory Committee)

Rishi has over 23 years of experience in IT industry. He loves database and is passionate about them. He has worked and managed multimillion dollar projects. He has worked with clients that are spread across globe. Rishi’s vast experience helps in ensuring that this website keeps on running smoothly.